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Hi I’m Laura

I’m often asked how I became a Trustee.

Fresh out of university (many many years ago), having obtained my Bachelor of Business Administration, with Honours, I, like most young people, thought it was going to be easy to land a fantastic job, with an amazing salary.

Boy, was I wrong. It came down to the old adage, it’s who you know, not necessarily what you know.  I got my first job through a friend who worked for a Trustee. At first, it was simple clerical work (have to be able to pay the bills – right).  But I came to realize very quickly how a Trustee helps people change their lives.

I then set about taking courses to help me better understand the insolvency field.  These courses would allow me to become an Estate Administrator, and a BIA Insolvency Counsellor.  Having passed those, I knew I wanted to do more, and I started my studies to become a Trustee.

It was a lot of hard work, and I don’t want even to think about how many hours to understand the materials and be ready to take my exams.  I had a lot of phenomenal people who supported and encouraged me to keep going when I was ready to throw in the towel. I was very proud to tell them, that in June 2005 the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy had granted me a full license as a Trustee (now called a Licensed Insolvency Trustee or LIT for short).  This license allowed me to work on both personal and corporate filings.

Throughout my 20+ years (you didn’t think I’d give clues as to my age did you?) in the insolvency field, I have experienced working with large national as well as mid-size insolvency firms, and found the most satisfaction when I could spend one-on-one time with people, getting to understand their situations, and work out personalized plans.

So, in 2008, I decided to open my own “boutique” insolvency firm so I can offer a level of service that I can be proud of, and not have to “fit in the box”.  

I love it when someone I haven’t seen for a few years calls me, sends me a note, or pops into the office to give me an update as to how they are doing!


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